Over 10+ year of experience in the creative marketing industry.

Experience and Quality Images to Increase Conversion Rates and Boost Sales

Based in Victoria, B.C., we offer Product Photography services to entrepreneurs, small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

Our studio is equipped with professional equipment, and we have the experience to use them.  All your images will be sharp, vivid, and maintain a high standard of professional quality while delivering the best creative edge on your competitors as possible.   We strive to make you above all, happy with the end result, and exceed your expectations!

With over 10+ years of experience working with a variety of clients from around the world, we know making our customers happy is one of our primary goals.  We maintain that standard and hope you get to experience it first hand.

TVM Product Photography works closely with our customers to ensure the lines of communication are always open and you get everything your asking for.  A majority of clients and online marketing prefer white backdrops for their images which allows your product to pop.  In addition, we offer many other creative ways to grab the attention of your audience including the use of a model, lifestyle photography, interactive 360 images, and even 3D renders of a product.  All of these methods are taken in a way to show the true nature of your product in its best light.

I know the options can be overwhelming and that’s why we are here to take you through them and make your job a lot easier.  Let us take care of everything, while you get the satisfaction of great results.

We look forward to meeting you.  



Some of the companies that have experienced top tier product photography


It’s best that we gather more information to better understand what success looks like for your project. Once we have a solid idea we will:

  • Provide you with a formal quote, with dates, locations, and pricing.

  • Plan and/or provide any pre-production needs including all details related to your product.  Also ensuring we have the product in hand and prepared for the shoot day.
  • Capture all requested shots at the studio or on location.

  • Provide a contact sheet (unedited drafts) of the final selection so that your team has the ability to request changes to the shots.

  • Finalize and deliver the final product photography.

We’ll make this process as smooth as possible. I look forward to working with you.

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